"I was able to quit taking my pain pills because of Kratom. It's been fantastic" 

Neil J.

"I thought I'd be taking methadone for the rest of my life but thanks to Kratom I haven't taken it in months."

Brenda L.

"Kratom has helped me manage my chronic back pain without the haze of pain pills" 

Jay G.

Freshly Brewed Kratom 8oz is $5  -  12oz is $7  -  1/2 Gal. $35.99

Now Selling Kratom Powder by the Ounce

Three Strain Blend (Red, White, Green)

White Meng Da

Red Meng Da

Red Borneo

Supreme Green

White Horn

Green Meng Da

port richey

Conveniently Located in Port Richey, FL

8219 US Hwy 19, Port Richey, FL 34668

Next Door to the Thrift Store


Store hours

Monday - Friday:      9a - 7p

Saturday:                     9a - 6p

Sunday:                       10a - 6p

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